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produced exclusively for
the shutter remanufacturing &
reselling industry

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Aluminium Extrusions & Wood Profiles


The following profiles are design registered and / or subject to copyright

If you are looking for a point of difference in Shutter Blade contours why not consider our exclusive profiles available in Wood and Aluminum.

The wood profiles are available as facilitated stock. We identify the most competitive convenient mill for you to work with under our license criteria.

The Aluminum Extrusions are produced for high volume distributors and available as part case purchasing for medium producers. Fully built up powder coated panels can be supplied to you ready to install.

We have a range of 6 exclusive wood contours and 6 Architectural Aluminum profiles exactly matching for design convenience.

Wood shutters offer the real touch and feel of a natural product. It is a natural insulator and a suitable substrate for many installations. Aluminum provides better security and durability for either indoors or outdoors and can be powder coated in a wide range of colors.

The blades can be foam injected to provide a 4 star sound and thermal insulation rating. Manual or motorized options available on all models.


Ellipti 115

Our largest profile in the traditional elliptical shape. This blade is popular for large open vistas. As with all of our Shutters there is no obtrusive stick or tilt bar to detract from the view so the vista is even grander when seen through our E115.

Ellipti 90

A popular blade profile as it is middle sized and seems to fit most people's expectation of the traditional plantation shutter. Its appearance is streamlined and symmetrical. It matches exactly the timber profile E90 and can simply be incorporated into a timber frame. It has many applications including air conditioning venting, vertical screening and patio roofing. The blade projection is only 1 inch and therefore fits nearly all reveal conditions for installation.

Mondo 70

This blade looks great as an external shutter installation in either the fully open panel configuration or in the closed position. Remember all of our shutters can be configured to operate groups of blades (as an option) to suit your requirement.


The smallest and prettiest of our shutters. This blade profile emulates a venetian blind for size but of course has so many more features such as being operable, securely fixed by its own frame and being more durable. It suits all size applications as it substitutes for what people are already conditioned to using the venetian. Suits indoors and outdoors alike and looks great in skylights or small French doors.