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Polywood - Hampton | Back

Description: Solid Cellular- Foam Polymer profiles specially developed as Specifiers demand higher performance without compromising the traditional look and feel of a quality timber painted shutter.

This unique Shutter features solid core extruded components and internally reinforced structural Aluminium to maintain strength and trueness of the profiles. This attention to engineering detail ensures a far stronger and more durable than Wood or Vinyl Shutter. Polywood is new technology polymer foam - a solid, non-toxic, synthetic material. Polywood is water resistant, fire retardant. Polywood's insulating properties are compliant with Low E, Low U ratings.

A specially formulated paint system applied as high build excellent bonded adhesion ensures a far superior paint finish and peace of mind against ageing, peeling or cracking. The paint is precisely matched to Powder Coat opacity and sheen to make it possible to build composite painted shutters. A combo shutter provides the ultimate high integrity shutter emulating the finest qualities of handcrafted wood with added advantage of secure, precise engineering.

All of our Shutters employ the patented LouverMate® No Tilt Rod blade operating system. Our point of difference offers not only a clean unobtrusive view, but also ensures precise closure of blades and the opportunity of remote motorization as well. This new technology guarantees the performance not offered by any other shutter in the world.

Features and Benefits

Engineered Polymer Synthetic Extrusion

PVC Solid Cellular- Foam. All profiles incorporate internal Aluminium reinforcement.

Looks & Feels like real Timber

Our profiles are colour matched to our standard range of powder coat as well as custom colours. The Hampton's distinctive point of difference is that it doesn't look different at all! Its notable character is that it possesses all the hallmarks of a perfectly finished timber profile but will outlast it by many life times.

No Stick or Tilt Rod

Featuring world patented LouverMate actuation mechanism - No staples to work their way loose, no tension rod or screws to work loose, no unsightly stick to detract from the view. Some competitors offer the stick on the side; it's still ugly and unreliable. An important observation is the accuracy of our blade closure compared to the poor uncoordinated closure of others. Less moving parts means less to fail. Refer to separate warranty statement

Solid Extruded Core

Reinforced with Aluminium, this makes blades as straight as an arrow.an important consideration in comparing low quality softwood timber shutters such as Basswood or MDF or hollow vinyl profiles. Refer to blade span tables.

Cellular Structure offers insulating co efficiencies

Offers insulating properties 3 times greater than aluminium offering superb light, noise & temperature insulation. Solid profiles offer proven thermal and structural advantages over hollow Vinyl which have the lowest insulating value of any shutters in the market. Low SGHC. Refer energy ratings.

No Moisture Absorption

Guaranteed against water permeation which certainly cannot be warranted by natural woods. Kitchens, bathrooms and Pool Cabanas will benefit from this inclusion.

Fire Resistant

Flammability and smoke indexes and low spread of flame certification offers design advantages in fire prone zones. Polywood has passed the Flammability test in accordance with UL94 compliant to IEC 60707, 60695-11-10 and 60695-11-20 and ISO 9772 and 9773.

100% Recyclable

Appeals to the environmentally conscience Specifier. It's made of wood grain waste and reclaimable polymers.

Colour Fastness

Unlike other PVC shutters in the market, our shutters are wet spray applied with a specially formulated single pack acrylic lacquer. This high bonding formula requires no under coat, rather it has high build solids foundation which achieves deep silky paint finish. The base material is a high Ti02 polymer to ensure superior UV protection. We can paint any colour in Acrylic Lacquer to match a desired scheme.

No Splitting, Chipping, Cracking or Rotting

Unlike some of the cheaper timber shutters on offer such as Basswood or MDF or imported poplar tree woods, we offer an unconditional warranty of performance.

Adds Value to your Property

It's a shared view that a quality Plantation Shutter adds value to a home or project. It is equally agreed that a poorly finished or constructed shutter will detract from the surrounding quality inclusions and deflate the value of that home.

Easy to Clean & Maintain

Wash down, wipe down or feather dust, No solvent based cleaners to be used.

Termite (White Ant) Proof

Apart from this unique timber look composite, only natural Cedar has this character built in as protection against insect boring.

No End Caps

As with natural wood the sawn end grain has a clean and unobtrusive appearance. There are no extraneous end caps, bad edges unlike other vinyl shutters on the market.

Extensive Warranty

10 year performance warranty out lasts any timber shutters on the market.

Substantial Frame Sizing

Our Frame size of 28mm thick x 60mm wide is reinforced with internal Aluminium section to ensure the same structural integrity offered in our Aluma Series. Light weight compared to Aluminium and approx same weight per mass as Cedar. Special PVC glue and stainless Steel screwed construction of frame ensures a structural frame built to last.

Design Diversity

Our shutter profiles are fully interchangeable. That is, we can input CedarLook® Woodland Series blades into an Oceana suite frame, produce glass hi light windows incorporating Polywood Shutters, and more. The advantage of that combo may be an aesthetic appeal, durability or a security concern.