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Louver Mate®
Shutter Blade Actuator for
Heavy Duty Aluminum

See animation (58kb, requires shockwave player)

A WORLD FIRST- Patented front loading geared actuating system designed to open and close Heavy Duty Plantation Shutters and Louvers effortlessly and reliably.

Traditional shutters have a very basic vertical linking stick, side bracket or connecting rod mounted via staples or eyelets tacked into the leading edge of the shutter blade. This is an unreliable and a frail method of construction, the rod detracts from the view and defeats the purpose of its intended design requirements.

The Shutter Motion shutter range offer full unobstructed views and sturdy construction.

Our unique design incorporates a high impact nylon rack and pinion neatly built in to the frame controlling each blade by positive direct drive and providing for responsive positioning at any angle


The Louver Mover® is a modulated carrier for shutter blades and glass louvers set within a frame. The operation of the shutters is by means of a patented ABS module containing the blade end cap which is snap sealed within the cassette. These cassette modules are constructed in various lengths known as galleries. A Gallery can be 4, 6 or 8 blade configuration supplied as left and right handed sets.


* The first and only front-loading component mechanism in the world, which can be extended or reduced in length to suit the installation.
* It literally snaps together !
* High impact resistant ABS as on Automobile fenders
* Extensive color choices in Color Fast ABS
* UV rated


* Fast low skill assembly
* Precise set outs are built into component sizes guaranteeing accurate assembly
* Lengths can be infinite and cut to length to suit customizing
* Accurate cost control for estimating and production
* Simple inventory control of packaged Gallery sets and color groups


* Non corrosive parts, means no rust or oxidation
* no maintenance
* construction and painting of the frame independently of the shutter blades, means all components can be pre finished on a process line and simply component assembled in a clean controlled environment.
* Optimum Quality Control guaranteed as the components are precisely engineered and the assembly process ensures a simple hold & check
* Adaptable across 19 Shutter Motion product lines offering consistency of style throughout a project
* Replaceable individual blade and mechanism if an unlikely need arises for a field repair or replacement of blade or component
* Retro fit on site in just a couple of minutes instead of costly and risky shipping of the entire panel back to base
* Color match any material such as wood stains, anodised Aluminum or any Powder coat colors
* Cheaper than all existing basic lever technology (Breezeway, Interlock etc.)


* As an integral part of any Plantation Shutter design… can be built into any existing assembly that currently uses tilt rods.
* Blinds, Louvers, Air Systems, Skylights, Privacy Screens, Roof Systems