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produced exclusively for
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reselling industry

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Polywood Profiles

Solid Cellular Foam technology, a solid emulated wood look and feel painted shutter profile with many great features and benefits …and cost savings.

Thanks to Polywood Shutters, you can now enjoy plantation style window coverings that look just like our elegant timber shutters and yet have far more features and benefits. Unlike some of the cheaper timber shutters on offer (which are mainly imported Basswood or Poplar Tree woods), Polywood will not split or chip.

Our Polycell-Core insulates three times better than Aluminum, is easy to clean and maintain, and is moisture- and limited fire-resistant ( see spec sheets). This unique shutter features solid core extruded components, making it the far stronger and more durable than a wood shutter.


* Quality custom-built, fully framed and fitted
* Superb light, noise and temperature control
* Increases the value of any home or project
* Polywood shutter blades are securely glued into their operating mechanism as an integral component ensuring the highest integrity of the system.
* No Stick or tilt rod ! No staples to work their way loose, no tension rod or screws to work loose, no unsightly stick to detract from the view, less moving parts means less to fail.


* Polywood doesn't absorb moisture.

* Polywood never needs to be repainted but can be painted any colour as required.

* Polywood Poly- Core shutters solid core make them as straight as an arrow…an important consideration in comparing low quality softwood timber shutters.

* Interior Polywood Shutters are more durable and resistant to the environment. They can be installed in locations where low quality wood shutters can't such as bathrooms, over kitchen sinks, or other humid or hot environments. Plus, if they are subjected to weather (for example, if you forget to close the window in a rainstorm) they will not be damaged.

* Compliant with both low flammability index requirements for high rise residential use and smoke indices required for commercial installations.( see spec sheet to satisfy your local compliance)

* Polywood can be cleaned effortlessly with a damp cloth without having to worry about the paint finish being damaged. (See Care & Maintenance sheet).

* Polywood is environmentally friendly as it is 100% recyclable.

* Polywood is termite (white ant) proof.

* Polywood has an energy co efficiency rating of 2. The cellular construction is barely seen by the naked eye but has proven thermal and structural advantages over hollow Vinyl. Vinyl shutters have the lowest insulating value of any shutters in the shutter market.

* Vinyl shutters appear transparent under bright light compared to solid Polywood.

* Vinyl feels cheap. A vinyl shutter is very light in weight and doesn’t appear to have any substance compared to the structure of Polywood.

* Polywood has a harder material surface compared to vinyl, reducing the likelihood of scratches and dents.

* Polywood is able to be constructed within an Aluminium frame to offer even higher integrity and security.

* Our Colors have been developed to match our standard Satin White Aluminium and Cedar line which means that you may choose an installation to suit the application per room or circumstance.